Our Leadership Team of Senior Executive Mentors

We’ve been there.

Our talented pool of senior executive mentors has been drawn together from a broad spectrum of careers and experiences.

Our people are exceptionally qualified and motivated achievers. As business leaders and senior executives, we have solid experience in all facets of Australian Business. We have done the hard yards and lived to tell the tale!

Most importantly, the team has ‘been there’ and knows how to help you get where you want to be.

So do you want a confidential sounding board to address, together, your challenges – yes? Then feel free to contact one of our Leadership Team now to arrange an initial quiet chat.

Paul Smith, Executive MentorPaul Smith
Founder and Managing Director

The Carnegie Management Group team is led by founder, Paul Smith. With a background in the Petroleum and Logistics industries, he has held a number of global Senior Executive and General Management Leadership positions involving significant Marketing, Corporate Planning and profit centre accountabilities. His sole passion and focus is to get people where they want to be.

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Rebecca Forge, Executive MentorRebecca Forge
Senior Executive and Business Coach & Mentor

Rebecca has extensive experience in both private and public sectors in leadership, training, coaching and supporting people, in both positions in Australia and overseas. With 30 years in the workforce, Rebecca has experience in conflict resolution, case management and human resources, with a strength of character and honesty that drives her in providing support and understanding.

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Joe Tyney, Executive MentorJoe Tyney
Senior Executive and Business Coach & Mentor

For the past 22 years, Joe has been a mentor/coach working with individual CEOs and senior executives and individuals. This involvement was across a wide variety of industries and organizations ranging from individual sole traders and small business to large heavy industry and sporting teams at the highest level of the game.

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