Working with Carnegie Management Group

Would you consider a Career in Executive, Business and Leadership Coaching?

With Carnegie Management Group

If your answer is ‘Yes’, Paul Smith – the founder and Managing Director of Carnegie Management Group – is always looking for people who would like to engage in this most rewarding work.

This can be in a business arrangement by way of alliance, contractual or whatever may suit your situation.

At CMG, our Value Proposition – ‘Working together we have the minds and the means to get you where you want to be’ – sums it all up for our clients.

You will have the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life and partnering with them to achieve great outcomes.

So, if you have that passion to achieve those quality outcomes, have a strong corporate background and ‘love’ what you do for your clients, you will be able to partner globally with Executives in the following areas to name but a few:

  • Executive Coaching including leadership development
  • Career planning, transition and management
  • Business coaching in all key areas of development beginning with start-ups onwards – for example – Vision, mission and values, workplace engagement, strategic planning and marketing, the need for a greater participation of Women in Leadership – and many other crucial areas
  • Team functioning/workshops and collaboration
  • Family business advisory
  • Life – Work effectiveness & well-being, emotional intelligence
  • Personal development
  • And a number of other synergistic areas of professional importance

All these endeavours are supported by a vastly extensive ‘Body of Knowledge’, primarily authored by Paul – and very soon to be published as a series E-Books supported by podcasts amongst many marketing strategies.

Interested to learn more?

Then contact Paul Smith directly on 0407 503 465 – and together we will be able to schedule a comprehensive chat.