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Topics about how an executive coach can assist Senior Executives with self and team development

A Coach or Mentor can really give you the Edge

It can be tough and lonely at the top, so it pays to have an experienced person to point the way When Peter James moved from London to Australia, he was surprised at the huge difference between the business environments in the two countries.

Change is the name of the game – and today’s effective leaders must adapt to it and drive it

How to Be a Changemaker The leadership skills that worked in the past are quickly becoming irrelevant in today’s fast-paced, change-is-the-name-of-the-game world. To be effective, you need to know how to adapt to and drive change. Here are the six core skills that can turn key decision-makers into change makers:

4 Reasons Leaders Should Spend More Time Mentoring Their People

Leaders of all great, enduring organisations mentor – They create a path for a successor, so as not to leave a vacuum at the top of the corporation after their departure. These leaders are what Jim Collins referred to as “Level 5 Leaders” in his classic book: ‘Good To Great’.

The only effective way to deal with employee engagement problems

We face a looming crisis! Employee trust in management and commitment to corporations have been in decline for decades. Yet we know that trust and commitment are essential for high individual and corporate performance and they have a huge impact on your bottom line. Only a minority of companies have managed to buck this decline … More

The 7 tell-tale signs of an Emotional Intelligence Problem

Emotional intelligence is a major factor that will determine your success, or failure – In your business, in your career, even in your personal relationships. But it’s something nobody really likes to accept, or address – and those who need to work on it most, are usually the last to know! In my many years … More

What Great Leaders and Managers Do to Engage People

Given the troubling state of employee engagement with less than one-third of Australians engaged in their jobs in any given year., it makes sense that most managers are not creating environments in which employees feel motivated or even comfortable. These people sleepwalk through their workday without regard for their performance or their organization’s performance. As … More

Do you Know What your Company Stands for?

Knowing what your company stands for is more important than you probably ever imagined! It always amazes me the number of company directors iwho have no idea what their company stands for and don’t even think it is important. Walk into almost any office and you’ll see disengaged employees – physically at work, but mentally somewhere … More

What should You Stand for as the Leader?

Today’s key challenge as I see it throughout the national leadership and business community – is to show effective leadership behaviours to instil values in organisations with large national and/or global teams – in this case based on a major Melbourne based global market leader. More

Are your Leadership and Values right for the Future?

There are things that we as leaders and senior executives want to happen in the work place, but we are disappointed, at times annoyed and even angry when it doesn’t. Why does this happen, and what do we do about it? We probably have three choices – do nothing and hope things get better; become … More