Family Business Mentoring and Coaching Articles

Topics about running a successful family business, including advice on Transition Management, Facilitation, Succession and Continuity Planning, and Business Mentoring.

Five Steps to Better Family Negotiations

Discussions and negotiations between family members who own a business are different – different from negotiations between non-family members and also different from negotiations between family members who don’t have equity. This is because family relationships are distinctive kinds of relationships, and having a family business raises the stakes of – and often complicates – … More

4 Reasons Leaders Should Spend More Time Mentoring Their People

Leaders of all great, enduring organisations mentor – They create a path for a successor, so as not to leave a vacuum at the top of the corporation after their departure. These leaders are what Jim Collins referred to as “Level 5 Leaders” in his classic book: ‘Good To Great’.

3 Important Tips to Help You Overcome Conflicts with Conversation

Conflict that is not properly resolved in the early stages will usually simmer away until it explodes into a serious situation. It can be a primary cause of poor employee engagement, employee fraud, IP theft and result in valuable team members to leaving your organization! Effective leadership, like a good marriage, hinges on how you … More

The only effective way to deal with employee engagement problems

We face a looming crisis! Employee trust in management and commitment to corporations have been in decline for decades. Yet we know that trust and commitment are essential for high individual and corporate performance and they have a huge impact on your bottom line. Only a minority of companies have managed to buck this decline … More

How to Prevent Destructive Fights From Erupting in a Family Business

It’s unfortunately quite a common scenario – Two brothers sharing ownership in a third-generation Melbourne business had a bitter falling out over an unlikely issue: a sailboat. The older sibling accused the younger of dipping into the till to support his racing habit. The younger brother struck back by issuing an ultimatum: buy out my … More

Addressing the Root Cause of Employee Disengagement in Your Organization

A research study shows the majority of Australians are going through the motions or worse at work, with a whopping 82 per cent saying they’re not fully engaged in their current role. The study was Australia-wide and did not identify any city being better or worse than others, so we can safely presume 82% of … More

Do you Know What your Company Stands for?

Knowing what your company stands for is more important than you probably ever imagined! It always amazes me the number of company directors iwho have no idea what their company stands for and don’t even think it is important. Walk into almost any office and you’ll see disengaged employees – physically at work, but mentally somewhere … More

What should You Stand for as the Leader?

Today’s key challenge as I see it throughout the national leadership and business community – is to show effective leadership behaviours to instil values in organisations with large national and/or global teams – in this case based on a major Melbourne based global market leader. More

Are your Leadership and Values right for the Future?

There are things that we as leaders and senior executives want to happen in the work place, but we are disappointed, at times annoyed and even angry when it doesn’t. Why does this happen, and what do we do about it? We probably have three choices – do nothing and hope things get better; become … More

Effective Leadership should Instil Values for all

We’re all familiar with the promise of remote – global – operations. It’s not just about accessing big new markets — the bigger payoff, most people agree, comes from expanding the firm’s talent pool and bringing together a diversity of perspectives that will combine to make the firm more productive and innovative. Well, that’s the … More