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4 Tips to Ensure Your Emails Give the Right Impression

President Lincoln often wrote scathing letters to his generals, frustrated by their inability to bring the war to a close. Angry they had missed golden opportunities such as finishing off the retreating confederate army, who were trapped by rising waters at the Potomac river after the battle of Gettysburg.

Can technologically challenged Leaders continue to be effective in the Digital Era?

There’s a lot of discussion in the public arena about leadership in what’s being termed the ‘Cognitive Era’ where technological innovation continues to accelerate and impact the way people work and the tools they use to achieve tasks. The question being asked is: can a technologically challenged leader continue to be effective in this era … More

Is the Art of Leading making others Powerful at What they do?

There are things that we as leaders and senior executives want to happen in the work place, but we are disappointed, at times annoyed and even angry when it doesn’t. Why does this happen, and what do we do about it? We probably have three choices – do nothing and hope things get better; become … More

How to Stop Impressive Leaders forming a destructive Leadership Team

Each leader ran his organization successfully, aggressively pursuing his organization’s interests. And each one succeeded in meeting — often exceeding — his goals. Each one was committed to — and cared deeply about — his organization’s performance.
But that’s all they cared about — their own organizations – their silos. They were impressive as leaders, but destructive as a leadership team. More

What Leadership Advice would I give President Trump?

People across the globe are very polarised in their opinion of newly elected President Trump – they either like him or hate him. But today, he is President elect and will resume office in the near future. As an executive mentor, I ponder the leadership qualities he obviously must have to have achieved so much … More

3 Ways Leaders Must Become Self-Aware to Succeed

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” Wrote Chinese General Sun Tzu in his book ‘The Art of War’. For Sun Tzu, knowing yourself and your own capabilities was as important as knowing your enemy. 2,500 years later, with the battlefield the marketplace and … More

Management is definitely not leadership

Probably the reason so many well managed Melbourne companies end up on the scrapheap is a misunderstanding of what leadership really is. And this misunderstanding seems to be commonplace throughout corporate Australia.

How to Attract and Keep Talented, Productive Employees

The Importance of Life-Work Effectiveness I have a client who is an ascending executive at an international financial firm. His career has always been demanding- long hours, lots of travel, ultra-high performance standards (which he always has met or exceeded). Several years ago, when his daughter was quite young, he was considering changing employers due … More

Why You Must Take That Vacation

The Importance of Life-Work Effectiveness When you feel like you’re just one e-mail away from failure at work, it can seem ludicrous to take your eyes off of what you believe absolutely needs to get done to consider what you might regret in the future.

Change is the name of the game – and today’s effective leaders must adapt to it and drive it

How to Be a Changemaker The leadership skills that worked in the past are quickly becoming irrelevant in today’s fast-paced, change-is-the-name-of-the-game world. To be effective, you need to know how to adapt to and drive change. Here are the six core skills that can turn key decision-makers into change makers: