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These 5 Tips will keep you Focused and help you Achieve Life/Work Effectiveness!

I have an Executive client who used to wake up, stumble over to the phone, and immediately get lost in a stream of pointless notifications. This digital haze continued throughout the day, keeping him from accomplishing important tasks. He was distracted, anxious and ineffective as a leader. He knew he had to change but could … More

The Need for Goal Setting for the Senior Executive/Manager

Over the last few days in late August, I had 2 very energetic and relevant discussions with two senior Managers from – oddly – the same Institution. One is a client of my firm, whilst the other a potential client. They share one thing in common – where they want to be in 3-5 years’ … More

Why ‘Time Management’ is Just a Myth!

David is as hard a worker as anyone I know as a client. He’s not just busy; he’s keenly focused on getting the right things done. And it pays off — he is the largest single revenue generator at his well-known professional services firm.

Management is definitely not leadership

Probably the reason so many well managed Melbourne companies end up on the scrapheap is a misunderstanding of what leadership really is. And this misunderstanding seems to be commonplace throughout corporate Australia.

How you personally handle the Life/Work Challenge that impacts your Team Members and their Productivity!

The Importance of Life/Work Effectiveness Each one of us holds a set of beliefs and attitudes — a mindset — that determines how we interpret and respond to situations. That mindset shapes how we interact with others, and therefore it also affects the people we work with

The Fastest Way to Improve Engagement and Productivity in many Australian Organizations is to Stop Workplace Bullying!

Workplace bullying in Australia is probably far more widespread than most leaders imagine. It can become accepted to the point managers don’t even notice it, particularly in industries that by nature foster a competitive work environment rather than a collaborative one. Staff begin to feel that in order to get ahead they need to undermine … More

6 Ways to turn a Team of Champions into a Collaborating Champion Team

This is a common scenario: you were excited at having hired some very talented people and you put them together with some star performers in your company, but the results you expected just never materialize! In fact, you found that as a group they underperformed significantly.

The Importance of Speaking Out – Your Organization’s Survival Could Depend on It!

Organizations, like people, can get set in their ways. But relying on established ways of working and solving problems not only stifles innovation but can lead to a lack of perspective and moments of delusion – and ultimately the downward slide of the company

11 Essential Qualities for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to Survive and Thrive in Today’s Business Jungle!

The pace of change in business is faster than it has ever been in history – and as globalization and electronic commerce wreak change on local businesses, enterprise and career survival is becoming a national obsession. Many businesses will not survive, so organisations want the best and are ruthlessly dismissing those who do not meet … More

The 7 tell-tale signs of an Emotional Intelligence Problem

Emotional intelligence is a major factor that will determine your success, or failure – In your business, in your career, even in your personal relationships. But it’s something nobody really likes to accept, or address – and those who need to work on it most, are usually the last to know! In my many years … More