Business Coaching and Mentoring Services

Time out for you to think, reflect and achieve.

Working with a Executive Business Coach and Mentor gives you an opportunity to focus on issues specific to you.

Topics can range from a self perception assessment and business diagnostic through to developing ongoing career and personal goals, with appropriate strategies and plans including ‘self marketing.’

Our work together has the flexibility to be modified based on your feedback and your needs. We encourage you to tailor the process to ensure you get the maximum value.

What makes Business Coaching and Mentoring work?

Expertise. The Coach and Mentor has knowledge, skills, and experience, which makes all the difference. We can increase your effectiveness in…

  • making productive decisions;
  • setting goals that are both far-reaching and manageable;
  • cultivating your willingness to go beyond the ‘comfort zone’ in accomplishing these goals.

Our Business Coaching and Mentoring services for Business Owners:

  • The Business Pulse Health Diagnostic
  • Organisational Culture, Alignment and Development
  • Self, Executive & Team Assessment/360° Feedback/Gap Analysis/Role Fit
  • Your Vision, Mission and the Business Plan
  • Transition, Succession and Exit Planning
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy Creation and Implementation
  • Sales Team Development and Performance Management
  • Internet Marketing Programs
  • Finding, Attracting, Fitting and Retaining Key People
  • People Leadership and Management
  • Business Leadership Development and Styles
  • Communication Styles Flexing
  • Management Information Systems
  • Work Planning, Appraisal and Transition
  • Business Advisory, Coaching and Mentoring Services

For more information about any of these services, contact us today.