Family Business Dynamic

Clear strategies for prosperity & serenity in the family business life cycle

The 3 Systems of Family Business

The Family Business is an energy-laden, explosive mix of passion and potential – but it can also create complex problems. When it’s well-focussed, the “Family Force” achieves wonderful things – but when it loses direction and turns on itself it can culminate in conflict and division. Sadly, it can even destroy families and businesses.

The 3 Systems of Family Business will enable you to understand how these issues invariably centre around the 3 systems of the family business dynamic – the distinction between family, business and ownership issues. These issues, when not understood, often lead to unncessary challenges.

The 3 Systems of Family Business

Achieving prosperity and serenity in a family business environment requires skilful and innovative solutions for some complex problems. Perhaps your family may need assistance and guidance from a Family Business Adviser.

I am able to provide practical solutions for families in business, by knowing how to look at the whole picture across the 3 systems of the the family organisation – not just the needs of the business entity, but also the individual personalities, their roles and needs. As an accredited Family Business Adviser by Family Business Australia, I understand how families in business tick. In an ongoing sense we also share experiences and learnings with peers – both nationally and globally.

If you wish to learn more about the family dynamic, to be clearer about your situation and how I engage with family clients, please download my:

Family Business Dynamic, Awareness and Engagement Guide

I would commend to you that you save it to file and then share with all family members.

With valuable navigation tools being used as a reference, your trusted family business adviser and facilitator will work with you, your family and collaborate with other specialist advisers, tackling key issues and keeping you on track to achieve your goals.

As an accredited Family Business Adviser, my focus is always to work with the people and the family first – the human issues – then on the business.

For the outcome please download my:

Family Business Best Practice

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